Smart vacation-planning tips for golfers

Make a “Top 4” list

Sit down with a notepad in front of your computer. Search for three things: airline, accommodation, and golf courses in the area you wish to stay. On each of these three, write down four that look promising at first glance. These twelve will be companies you must call later, so make sure you get a telephone number or email address. If you find a company that offers more than one of these elements, write that one down as a priority call, as they probably offer a good discount on their package.

Look for the right criteria

Now that you have contact details, call or email the companies you’ve put on your list. When dealing with these companies, it’s important to evaluate which ones are the right ones to deal with. Use the following criteria to make your decision:

  • Did they respond to your query in a timely, friendly and professional fashion?
  • Do they offer any packages where more than one of the above is offered?
  • Are they affordable?
  • Are they willing to offer you a discount if you ask for one?
  • Do they have a legitimate website where you can read up on other customers’ experiences?

Continue with some sensible research

Once you’ve found the perfect match of companies you want to deal with on your holiday, it’s time to research the location. The country you visit will have a lot of tourist feedback, so find out what others have said about your destination. You will immediately get some insight into what you can expect, how you should dress, what to look out for, and what to avoid.

Are you taking people along on your trip who do not play golf—and don’t particularly enjoy watching it either? Take these people into consideration when doing your research. What else is there to do other than golf? Are there some interesting tour groups you can sign up for on behalf of your companions?

There’s more to pack than your golf bag

This research will also help you to pack appropriately and according to the weather. Bear in mind that golf is only one aspect of your vacation. Pack for a night out on the town. Pack for the beach if your destination has one. Pack for dress code requirements at the golf course. Think of everything.

Find a way to involve others

It’s way more fun playing golf with your regular companions than it is playing alone. This is especially true when going on a European golf trip. Plan your trip with others who would want to accompany you. Find out what they recommend and whether they have been on similar trips in the past. Will they be happy to stay with you or do they have other plans? Will you all split the expenses, or is it every man for himself?

These planning tips should guide you in the right direction for your golf holiday. Remember to do as much research as possible—which includes finding out what feedback others have made public. Good luck.

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