4 Simple and Effective Long Game Drills for New Golfers

If you have ever lifted a golf club, you will definitely know that golf is one among the most difficult as well as rewarding sports. It also explains how so many amateur golfers get addicted to it. However, no one can ignore the fact that you need to give ample of time to practice it for mastering the game. Long game is easier to master because you do not need many techniques as you do in short game. You can master long game using the drills mentioned below:

  1. Two distances with one club
  2. If you want to master the 100 yards game, you must develop your feel. The method to practice feel is that you can practice hitting the same club at different distances. Using this drill, you can develop an instinct about the distance of pin from you. Try the following:

    • Begin at 125 yards to hit a ball to the aim.
    • Step to 115 yards using the same club to hit the ball to the previous target.
    • Keep reducing the distance till 85 yards at 6 different distances and use 3 wedges two times each. This will help you to develop an instinct about distance.
  3. Box putting
  4. In this drill of long game, you need to make a box surrounding the hole and hit a putt shot from five feet outside of it. Then, you need to try to smack the golf ball into that box. The ball must get into the hole. If you are able to make it possible, you succeed. When you become expert at the distance of 5 feet, you can expand this distance to up to 10 feet, increasing one foot at a time. It might easy on surface, but it is actually a challenge.

  5. Lag putting
  6. This drill has many components of the previous drill of box putting. The distinction in this drill is that you have to putt using only one hand and your vision will be blocked. The aim of this exercise is that you should aim on your target while remaining steady when you swing at your ball. It is recommended that you begin with lesser distances and then expand when you become expert at putting the ball into the hole.

  7. Circle putt
  8. This drill will help you sink the putt in fast pace. The thumb rule of this drill states that you must reduce the time you spend at addressing the golf ball such that you do not allow the mental part of the game to get corrupted by persistent thoughts. To begin with, you need to keep eight golf balls in the shape of a circle approximately 3-5 feet far from the hole. Your aim is to hit putt shots as you move about the circle. If you miss the shots, you have to start over this drill again.

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