5 Basic Things To Know If You Want To Take Golf Lessons

Golf has an Association by the name PGA which certifies Golf Instructor and then they enter the market. Golf is not an easy game and if you want to learn the techniques and become a pro, you should definitely go for a Golf Instructor. Here are 5 basic things that you should consider before hiring any Golf instructor.

  1. Cost
  2. Everything works with money. Considering the cost before hiring any Golf Instructor should be your first priority as it can save you a handsome amount. If two instructors are of same level having the same facilities, a wise person will always go for the one who offers cheap rates and so should you. As every golf instructor has their own way of charging, some charge for every hour they teach while others charge for every single lesson they teach and there is price variation too so, you should always go for the one you can afford.

  3. Bona Fides
  4. After you get successful in finding an instructor who offers a reasonable rate that you can afford, you should do some research on that instructor. You should see whether the instructor offers Golf lesson on the course or the driving range. Good instructors offer these things on both Course and Driving Range. You should also know about the certifications of the instructor that, whether he is a certified instructor or just a professional golfer.

  5. Methodology
  6. You should examine the method which is used by the golf instructor while he is teaching you. Yo should note whether he records you while training and examine your swing later or he just sees you play. The video will help you too as you will be able to see your mistake and it would be easy for you to correct it then.

  7. Time Dedication
  8. Some people just want to play golf as a fun activity and some play golf to become a Pro. If you are the kind of person who wants to become a Pro, you should spend more time on Golf with your instructor so that you can learn a lot.

  9. Personality
  10. It is not the last thing to be noticed. You should always sought out the personality of your golfing instructor and see whether it fits yours or not. Always go for an instructor who makes you feel comfortable and is an easy-to-go-with person.

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