Golf Fundamentals That Every Player Should Keep In Mind

Every great champion in every sport, worships the fundamentals. Michael Jordan became the greatest basketball player by mastering the fundamentals. Everybody thinks that the great players work on fancy technical stuff with advanced technology and expert coaches. Amateur golfers would be shocked to see what the great players practice.

In this article, I will list the golf fundamentals that every player should keep in mind no matter what their level:

  1. Body motion
  2. The golf swing is all about the turn of the upper body over the resistance of the lower body, back and through. You can practice this by holding a club over your head and resting it on your shoulders. Then, make your turn and focus on moving your body correctly.

  3. Set Up
  4. This position is static so everybody can have a perfect set up and posture no matter what their athletic ability. Your golf set up consists of your stance, the ball position, your alignment, your grip and your posture.

  5. Takeaway
  6. 90 percent of bad shots can be traced back to the set up and takeaway. The goal is to have a neutral takeaway: no rolling the hands over or shifting your weight too much or turning your shoulders. Moderation is the key of a good takeaway

  7. Putt for Dough
  8. The short game is where you make your score. You could be a great diver of the ball but if you waste shots around the green, you will never score well. You need to get really good at shots from 80 yards and in (the scoring zone); shots with your wedges and your putter.

  9. Keep disaster scores off your card and don't waste shots
  10. Most bad rounds are not ruined by bogeys but by high scores like double bogeys and triples. If you keep these 8's and 9's off your card, you might not win but you will be very consistent. Here are two ways to avoid these card wrecking high scores:

    • Don't be a hero out of the rough. If you hit the ball in the trees or the rough, don't try to be Seve Ballesteros and curve the ball through a gap in the trees and over a fence. Take your medicine and get the ball back in play.
    • Play conservatively from the tee - don’t' try to smash the driver all the time, play the percentages and hit iron or a wood to keep the ball in play.

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