Must-Read Tips To Help You Find Great Golf Accessories

A great deal depends how you view the game of golf. If you are determined to reach a single figure handicap you are going to have to work hard unless sport comes entirely natural to you. Even then practice is essential because there are so many things that can go wrong with a swing, particularly under pressure when you have a good scorecard. If you are comfortable with your clubs you may be looking for an extra edge and sometimes that may be little pieces of equipment to help you with the drills that hone your game. If you are really serious there are modern accessories that you might consider as well though they often come at a cost:

  • Perhaps you might contemplate a watch that has the same capacity as GPS on your smartphone? It’s easier to look at a watch face while playing than be forever getting out your phone and potentially holding up play. You can get precise yardage with a host of the world’s courses.
  • There is a similar device that can actually talk you through a particular hole from your current position. It counteracts the problem of having to try to read a watch face on a sunny day as well. The only problem is that if you hit the ball on to another fairway it may not know where you are on the course.
  • A third device will actually guide you by showing you precisely what you face with the next shot, hazards and all. It will automatically update and adjust according to whether you are uphill or downhill and certainly assist with blind shots.
  • A rangefinder has many uses and that includes for golf and the distances involved in even the longest of holes.
  • A digital tracking system which also helps to analyse your current performance on the course though it has no GPS facility.

You may think this is all a little too much. Well some golfers feel the cost and effort is worthwhile and whichever of the devices they have do not impinge on their performance in any negative way. They have enough pockets on their golf back.

Ultimately none of these devices are more than an aid and can never replace technique and the power of the mind. Decision making is about having the correct information. Golf accessories provide that but it is then down to execution and in that every golfer is alone.

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