All You Wanted To Know About Putting Accuracy: Tips And Drills

Confidence is the key to great putt shots, which is the most crucial part of golf. The good report is that it is not at all difficult to master putting with the tips and drills mentioned below. However, there is a bad news- it is quite difficult to maintain consistency. You have to practice regularly to maintain confidence and consistency.

Tips for putting

  1. Develop a pre-shot routine
  2. Having a pre-shot routine abridges the game. If you have a consistent routine before you start playing, you can have an upper hand in the game. There is a significant difference of approach with all golfers from one putt shot to the other. This increases the chances of errors. You can adopt trial and error method to develop your pre-shot routine. This will make you concentrate on every putt you take and hit solid shots one after another.

  3. Commit to the game
  4. When you are committed to the game and practice, your confidence increases and indecisiveness does not occur on course. It is worse for your putt shots if you cannot decide what to do on the course. When you do not practice well and are not committed to your shots, it is natural that you will panic if a dreaded shot comes across.

Drills for putting

This drill is also called clock drill and needs you to focus. Reach your putting green and place a cup towards which, you will hit the ball. Place four to five golf balls around the cup at equal distance. You have to hit each ball into the cup with gentle pressure on your golf club. Hold the club with soft grip and hit the balls. If you miss any of the balls in any round, you will have to start the round over again. Repeat this drill at least 5 times.

You might get annoyed at repeating these shots, but it gives you significant confidence when you are on course. In addition, since the balls are supposed to be hit from different directions, you will also become perfect at hitting the ball on course from different places into the hole.

It is important to practice this drill from a distance from which you often miss your putt shots on course. If you are a beginner, you can keep shorter distance. And, if you are a better putter, you can keep more distance. Essentially, you must not keep a very comfortable distance to enhance your skills.

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