Chipping In The Wind – 5 Golf Tips For Beginners

For any beginner, wind can pose a serious challenge in a game of golf. But the trick is learning how to use the wind to your advantage and making a chip shot that will send the ball running. The main thing is to stay focused and do not let nerves get the better of you. Listed below are five tips for any beginner and using these you will soon become a pro at chipping golf shots in the wind.

Choose a good club

You have to make sure you pick the right set of clubs to chip the ball with or you could be fighting a losing battle. Ideally, an 8 or 9-iron will help you get the ball rolling as soon as you hit it. This will use the wind to aid the shot and keep practicing with this club to get a good grasp.

Position the golf ball

You should place the golf ball near your back foot and you need to widen your stance to get a good balance. Your arms will lie ahead of the ball at impact and thus you will be able to swing your hands better and your lower body will not affect your shot.

Control your shoulders and arms

You need to learn how to control your shoulders during the shot and practice a pendulum-type swing that will help your shoulders and arms move simultaneously. When you get these two to work together, you will be address the ball with more impact and will be able to chip it far and in a swift manner.

Do not sway your body

If your body sways at all, the shot will go off target and you may also lose balance. In order to keep a stable stance, you must keep your left arm stiff and straight and also make sure that your legs have a firm grip on the ground.

Practice your swing length

You should learn how to keep your back and front swing length consistent and for this, you need to practice. Instead of focusing on swing strength, try to see how well you maintain your swing length both on the downward and upward swing. Try to keep the swing length the same on both counts to be able to chip the ball far ahead. This will also help you use the wind to your advantage during the shot.

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