Simple Methods To Help With Shooting Lower Golf Scores

Hitting lower scores in golf requires consistent practice. Most of the shots of golf come from short game shots. It implies that you have to be very consistent at your short game to achieve better scores.

Hit the most portion of greens

Most amateur golfers target the pin without noticing its position on the green. However, seasoned golfers think carefully before hitting the pin, which is tucked under the green’s edge. This may not give you more scope for birdie. However, it lowers the chance for bad shots. When you have to decide whether you should reach the flag, you can consider these possibilities for your next shot:

  • Play safe game

  • Go ahead carefully with the shot

  • Just hit it

For the safe game, you can choose long irons and fairway woods. They can be used to control direction and distance. You must play safe by aiming at the center of greens.

The golf swing

You do not need to spend much more time on the mechanics of golf. While taking a swing, you should not consider too many technical details in mind. This will hamper your swing and you will lose the view of your aim. The aim is to play golf here, not tinker with the swing. When you are too much engulfed in the swing, you forget the game and the just focus on swing.

Monitor your rhythm and tempo

If the rhythm and tempo are inconsistent, it can be a cause of inconsistent performance. Tempo is the time taken to form the golf swing from start to end. Although the swing is extended with a driver, the time taken for it, should be same as swing with sand wedge.

To develop consistent rhythm and tempo, you need to know that the swing on the forward motion is a gradual speeding up from the top. When you employ great rhythm and tempo, the maximum speed of the clubhead will naturally happen at the contact, and that too without any extra endeavor.

Be positive

It is important to be positive about every shot you hit. While it is important to recognize the problematic spots of a hole, it is again important to improve your focus on forming good distance, trajectory, and distance that may put you in a better scoring position. If you want to do be positive, it is crucial that you concentrate on what you wish to do prior to the contact, not on the things you do not wish to do.

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