Essential Golf Tips To Help You Get Rid Of The Shanks

So many players struggle with the shanks these days. It is not just because they do not know what to do, in most cases it is because they do not care enough to know what they are doing wrong. Perhaps this is why you need to go to a professional golf school. In a professional golf school, these are mistakes that you will not make and get away with. These are simple things that will be noticed early, and the appropriate changes will be put into place to help you become better at this. However, not everyone needs to go to a professional golf school. In fact, you do not necessarily need a trainer to help you overcome the shanks.

There are some useful tips that you can work around from time to time on your own, which will make it easier for you to cure the shanks once and for all. Once you are able to work on these points accordingly, you will realize how easy it is for you to have a good time, and play like a pro.

The following are some of the essential tips that will help you get rid of the shanks, and start playing golf properly:

  • Weight management

  • Complete the shoulder turn

  • Setting up before the ball

Weight management

One of the most important things you need to learn in order to cure the shanks is how to manage your weight appropriately. There are so many players who do not ever consider this. Most of the players pay the ball with their weight forward to their toes and feet, which makes it really difficult to avoid a shank. Try and change this and you will see better improvement on your game.

Complete the shoulder turn

When you are playing, it is important that you learn to complete the shoulder turn. A lot of beginner players in particular never complete the shoulder turn. For this reason, they end up messing up at the point of impact. It is important that you make a complete shoulder turn, so that you can have your swing tucked under your chin.

Setting up before the ball

How do you normally set up? Most people who struggle with the shanks set up too close to the ball, and it makes it almost impossible to play properly as they would have loved to. If you can change this, you will have a better experience.

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