Golf Course Holidays: Tips To Help You Organize A Trip

Organizing a golf trip

Below are some tips that will help you organizing your next golf vacation with military precision.

Read the fine print

Check the luggage allowance on the airline you are flying with. Low-cost airlines are great until you realize that they are counting a wallet as an "extra item of luggage" and that you have to pay £80 extra for it. If taking your clubs over to Spain or Portugal is too expensive, you can always rent clubs at your resort destination for a good price. The set might not be your favorite clubs, but it is a small compromise that can save a big headache.

Book in advance to avoid disappointment

Book the tee times at your chosen course online. It's a bad idea to try to "wing it" and think that you can turn up and book a time with the professional for the same day. Many of the popular courses at golf holiday destinations are booked up months in advance so it is a good idea to book your tee times for every day that you intend to play. This is as important as booking your flights and accommodation.

Ask questions

Check to see if there is any building work going on either at the hotel or on the golf course. Many golfers have their holiday ruined when they can't sleep because of the drilling going on at the hotel all night. Or they can't enjoy their rounds of golf because there are holes in all of the greens and the turf has been dug up on the tees. Of course, the resorts will not reveal anything about construction work on their website but if you probe and ask them questions, they are obliged to give you an answer.

Eat out, or cook?

All-inclusive or half board? This depends on whether you want to venture out to the local shops and the local town to visit the restaurants, or if you just want to play golf. If golf is your only focus, then all-inclusive is the best option for you. If you want to arrive back home feeling that you saw a little of the local area and learnt a bit of the language, either cooking your own food or going to restaurants will give you a more cultural experience. Just remember that these excursions for food and drink will eat into your golf time.

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