4 Simple Tricks to Help you Drive Long in Golf

A few simple tips and tricks will go a long way in handling the drivers

Achieving distance in the golf swing does not depend on the strength of your muscles, but how much is the balance in your swing. Thigh foam roller and arm exercises are great to keep the upper and lower body loose. It will also give you flexible glutes since a balanced swing is dependent on it. When you hit a long drive, you can reach the longer holes in significantly lesser time and increase your chances of achieving a good score.

Steps to drive long

  • Take your driver since a driver is meant to hit the ball to the maximum distance. If you are new with handling driver, you need to practice with them at the practice range. The longest distance can be covered by drivers only, not the 5- woods or 3- woods.

  • Tee your ball to let the top edge of your driver meet the midpoint of the ball. The tee should be long enough so that the driver can perform better.

  • Address your ball when you have a balanced wide stance so that you can have complete control of you club. When you swing the club, you should be able to hit the sweet spot consistently.

  • You can use gloves to have a better grip on your golf club. You can experiment with gloves whether they improve your performance or not.

  • Take a stiff backswing with the left arm as you shift your body weight to the right leg. Now, shift your body weight back on your left foot when you begin the downswing. Keep watching the ball during this process.

  • Aim to have a straight shot and make sure that the stance is square and balanced. You can widen your stance if you lack balance. A slight draw or hook may add distance in your drives, but many golfers feel better if they hit straight.

  • A great method to hit a straight shot is to cut short your backswing up to 75% of your usual backswing. It will let you have better control on the club and make sure that you hit your golf ball on sweet spot. If you get comfortable taking straight shots, extend the backswing back to its original position prior to achieving the extra power.

  • It is important to note that when you hit the ground, you lose distance and speed of the clubhead.

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