How Do You Handle An Uphill Lie On A Golf Course?

An uphill lie in golf may be a little easier to play for many golfers instead of a downhill lie. The uphill lie can be helpful for players that have yet to master how to get the ball into the air. An uphill lie is something to practice since elements of play technique could affect how the ball is played and what happens to it in flight. Some may want to achieve more distance but instead the ball goes higher into the air. Making some changes to how you set up for the shot could encourage better results. If you don’t make changes it could result in a shot fat. Here are some points to help handle an uphill lie the next time you are on the golf course.

  • Avoid under-clubbing when playing the ball. Under-clubbing is when the wrong club is used that ends up not giving enough distance for the shot. For many players this can be the case and it simply means you should have the right club in mind before attempting to make the play.
  • When playing on the slope keep shoulders aligned with it. Your spine should be in line angle-wise with the ground. The saying goes for some golfers is to get your body in line with the slope or be the slope. Make sure your body is in line and make adjustments as necessary.
  • The ball can be played forward in your stance with your back foot holding more body weight. This helps to ensure a solid hit with the ball with a good sweep motion.
  • Do practice swings to get an idea of how to position your body, especially during a steeper slope. When trying to make a play from a slope with more height or more of hill, take some practice swings near the ball to get a feel for how you should setup for the shot. Note body weight and how to maintain your balance.
  • Think about the club best for the job. It has been mentioned a 7-iron will play like a 9-iron when the slope is further upward. It may be helpful to take more club (1 or 2) when considering distance. Don’t be afraid to make a change but you can practice using different clubs to get an idea of which one is the best option.

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