Interesting Ideas To Help You Perform A Perfect Golf Backswing

Back and Through

You don't hit the ball with your backswing but it is very important to get it right. If you don't get the club in the right position at the top of the swing, you have no chance of hitting a good shot. Here you will learn 7 keys that will help you develop a backswing as smooth as silk:

  1. Start your backswing off slow
  2. Your swing should gather speed from a stationary beginning to when you contact the ball. Many poor players rush the club away from the ball and lose their rhythm. Remember to keep it slow and smooth.

  3. Break your backswing into stages
  4. There are three stages to your backswing: eight o’clock is the moveaway, nine o'clock is when your left arm is parallel to the ground and the final position is the top of the backswing. When you practice, stop at each point and check to make sure you position is correct.

  5. Try the pen drill
  6. The pen drill will make sure that your keep your head position level. Try this: Put a pen in your mouth and point it towards the ball. As you swing back, your head should rotate and so the pen should point away from the ball. You want your chin to rotate to allow your shoulders to turn. Make sure that your head level does not go up or down.

  7. Rehears your backswing without a club
  8. Let go of the club and cross your arms across your chest. Take your address position and turn behind the ball. Not having the club in your hands will force you to focus on the body turn and making sure you turn your shoulders and get behind the ball

  9. Keep the right leg firm
  10. Your right leg is a post that you swing around. It should be firm and you should feel some pressure in your right knee and thigh as you turn and screw your right food into the ground as it presses into the turf.

  11. Imagine your hips and legs are in a barrel
  12. As you start your swing in a barrel, you will bump your right hip into the side of the barrel and then turn your hips inside the barrel on your backswing.

  13. Turn your back to the target
  14. Get your left shoulder under your chin and turn your back to the target as you point your chest away from the target. These swing keys will ensure that you make a full turn.

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