How To Save On Green Fees While On A Golf Break

In order to play a game of golf on a course, you have to first pay an amount called green fee. These fees differ from individual to individual due to a variety of factors like time of the day, time of the week and whether the golfer is a professional or an amateur.

Generally you have to pay more on weekends and less on weekdays and a 9-hole course costs less than an 18-hole course. If you are a member of a golf club then you will get certain discounts on your green fee. There are reductions for junior and senior citizens as well.

While on a golf break at a resort, there are certain ways you can save on green fees which are as follows:-

  • Check for any promotional deals
  • You can check online if the golf resort has any promotional deals on golf courses for that particular month and you can sign up for it online as well. Sometimes, golf resorts offer deals where you can get the second round of golf courses at half the price.

  • Register online
  • Before going on vacation, you can go online and register on the resort’s website to avail its newsletters. The newsletters will give you all information about when you can expect discounts and deals on green fees. Thus you can plan your golf trip accordingly.

  • Discount golf card
  • The best option is to ask the resort if they have a gift or discount golf card. With a gift card, you can avail major discounts on the green fee as well as on the hotel room and food. You can even get a discount card for different golf courses but that may turn out to be a bit expensive. It is better to get one nationwide discount card which can be used across all golf courses.

  • Travel clubs
  • You can also become a member of online golf travel clubs that offer discounts on green fees in resorts. They avail the best discounts for you and can even get you up to 50 per cent off on the best golf courses around the world.

  • Voucher books
  • Many countries also have exclusive voucher books which entitles you to substantial reductions in green fees on particular courses. You can search online or in travel guides to find where you can purchase such golf voucher books.

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