Tips To Help You Select The Right Golf Package In Portugal

Unforgettable golf holidays just don’t happen; you need to plan them. A shabby room, unresponsive staff, exorbitant green fee – these are just some of the elements that can ruin your golf vacation. To avoid anything unpleasant of this kind, it’s imperative you select the right golf package. The outcome of your holiday depends on the golf package you pick. Here are some points to help you make the right choice.

  • Before reading anything else, thoroughly scan the list of features and services offered in the package. Does the package include both accommodation and golf, what’s the green fee, is transportation included, is breakfast part of the accommodation package, etc.?
  • Since you don’t have much planning or organizing to do in case of golf packages, it might be tempting to delay the decision until the final month of the trip. Please don’t make that mistake. To book tee times at the best courses you have to book or buy the right golf package well in advance. Start searching for the golf package at least 6 months before the trip.
  • Check whether the package offers you tee time booking at public or private golf courses. Public courses are open to everyone and the fees are very affordable. If the package lists tee time at a public golf course, but charges you an exorbitant amount, then you need to be very careful.
  • See if the provider lists the fees related to golf in a detailed manner. Does the fee structure given include the whole golf package comprising of golf equipment rental, the trolley rental, etc.? Furthermore, check if food and beverages are also included in the package. Some golf courses demand a deposit; find out if that is added to the package.
  • Every minute of your golf trip is valuable; in the case of short trips, it’s more so. Make sure the golf course and the accommodation are close by. If they are not, see if the package also includes transportation service for a fee. Also, find out if the transport service is also extended to local tourist hotspots and beach visits.
  • Thoroughly examine their cancellation policy. Will the provider reimburse you on cancellation of tee time due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances? What if you want to extend your golf trip to Portugal, does the package have any provision for that?

The important thing here is to be very careful and thorough when searching and examining a golf package.

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