How To Control The Trajectory Of The Golf Ball

It is exhilarating for us if we can always control the ball where we want it to go, in that case all players will be champions. Even professional golfers also experiment various techniques on how to make the ball follow its master for a winning game. What we have right now is not a perfect formula for this because like all sports, golf playing also requires familiarity of the game, practice, and nothing else but more practice and yes you have to cool down that rising temper of yours every time things don’t go as expected. But once you master the technique, who knows you can even surpass Tiger Woods in a game.

  • Know how to estimate the speed of the ball every time you are going to hit it. You also have to know and be familiar with the strength of your hands is giving on certain situations when you have a game. Obviously a slope sliding downhill will make the ball go faster while on the other hand, the slope going up will make your ball go slower and if it lacks speed will make the ball slide back downhill. When you know the speed in hitting the ball no matter the kind of slope it is will increase your chances of bull’s eye on the first try.
  • It is also important to be familiar with the field where you are playing in this case, you will know where the bumps, the slopes, the swamp or the trees are in this way you can analyze the speed on hitting the ball.
  • Experiment and practice before the game, being familiar with the outs and ins of the field can be an advantage to you. Practice different strokes and speed in various playing situations.
  • When you want to curve the ball from right to left, the clubface must be closed before you grip, making the ball curve more. It will also help in making the ball fly lower. Make sure that the club head square is behind the ball. Taking your grip, estimate how you want to curve the ball then swing as normal.
  • On the other hand, when you want to curve the ball from left to right, the clubface must move from square to open, making the ball curve to the right. It will help in making the ball fly higher, for low flight, use low iron. Then, taking your grip, estimate how you want to curve the ball then swing as normal.

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