Step-By-Step Tutorial On How To Hit A Good Shot Off The Tee

Every hole starts by giving you an advantage; you can tee up so there is no such thing as a bad lie. What you do with that advantage is up to you but if you can find consistency off the tee, especially with a driver then you have a chance of getting your handicap down. As long as you can hit the fairway with regularity you’re in the game.

You must be prepared to practice of course and it is important that what you practice are the right basics:

  • The ball should be just inside your front heel with that foot perhaps being slightly splayed to help your rotation in the follow through. Tee the ball high and launch it on the upswing.
  • The golfer is the longest club in the bag. You must get used to its length and probably grip it an inch or two from the top. The grip is important and you must get used to the correct way to hold the club to give yourself the best chance of bringing the club head down square at the point of contact.
  • It is important to have a clear head as you address the ball. Before then you need to visualise the shot you want to play and pick a target in the distance that you are aiming for. Your feet need to be parallel with the intended flight route of the ball.
  • It is wrong to think that your swing needs to be 100 miles per hour. You need to take your backswing smoothly then accelerate through the ball, aiming to hit the ball ‘on the up.’
  • Your shoulders and hips are critical. They will be doing the hard work while your back foot is the anchor until after you have struck the ball and your legs and feet provide the stability.

It is important to have a driver that you are comfortable to use. Some drivers are just 7 degrees loft but only top golfers should consider them. It is not macho to pick a driver for show. It is best to think around 10 degrees, a large sweet spot so something around 450 cc and a regular shaft.

Good drives are about timing. Certainly it helps to be fit to find that extra length but a correct stance and tempo are the secrets to succeeding off the tee.

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