Simple Tricks To Help You Escape From The Trees On A Golf CourseĀ 

Playing golf is a lot of fun. It is so much more fun than most of the other games that you might consider trying your hands on. One of the main reasons for this is because of the nature of the challenges that you will encounter when you are playing. You have to be at your best each and every time you are playing, so that you can be able to overcome some of these challenges.

One of the obvious challenges that you have to deal with is the trees. Of course every other player finds their own challenges on the course. There are those who fear the bunkers, others fear the fairways and others are worried about the trees. Being trapped in the trees can be a torrid affair, especially if you will find it increasingly difficult to escape.

In order to make things easier for you, the following is a list of useful points that will come in handy as you try to overcome the challenge of the trees, and play better golf:

  • Stay focused
  • Keep your eyes on the ball
  • Stay on the ground
  • Play with gravity

Stay focused

You need a lot of focus before you are able to play this shot the way you should. If you happen to be distracted, you will not get the ball out of the trees, and you might even make things worse than they already are. Do not think about anything else other than the backswing. In fact you should not even be thinking of how you are going to hit the ball.

Keep your eyes on the ball

From the very moment you initiate the backswing to the moment you finally land your stroke on the ball, you should never lose sight of the ball at all. This is also another place where you have to really be focused to get good results.

Stay on the ground

Balance is key for you when you are approaching this shot. Make sure that you stay rooted to the ground, so that you can remain anchored and strong.

Play with gravity

Do not try to hit the ball so hard so that it can leave the trees. You only need to let gravity handle that for you on the downswing. Most people try to force the ball out through force and it never works out.

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