What Are The Best Golf Courses In And Around Faro?

Faro is just but one of the best places in the country from where you are able to enjoy the finest golf so far. When you are planning a golf break or if you have a really long holiday and you would love to play golf in this, one of the destinations that should be at the back of your mind has to be Faro. There is so much that you will enjoy when you come to play here, which will actually go a really long way for you in the future. As long as you are planning on an incredible golf break, there is nothing wrong with coming to Faro.

There are quite a number of incredible courses that you can find in here, which will eventually help you get the most out of your break. In the Faro region, there are a number of amazing courses. Other than that, even around Faro there are still some incredible golf courses from where you can tee off and eventually have the best possible time. Herein is a list of some of the best ideas that you can consider when you are planning your trip:

  • Vale do Lobo

  • San Lorenzo

  • Oceanico Victoria

  • Oceanico Old Course

Vale do Lobo

There are two Vale do Lobo courses, and they will all set you through an umbrella pine fairway, which leads to the Atlantic. What a splendid view that will turn out to be. If you happen to play on the Royal course, you have the benefit of being able to tee off just along the edge of the cliff, and enjoy the adrenalin rush.

San Lorenzo

The artistry that went into the design of this course is one of a kind. It does lie right at the center of the San Lorenzo Clubhouse, and features so many facilities and amenities that most players would love to have on their golf break.

Oceanico Victoria

This is a championship course. Featuring 18 holes and open since the year 2004, the course stands unique, and is quite an experience for those who fancy international tournament style courses. You can also marvel in the driving range available.

Oceanico Old Course

It is only 20 minutes from the Faro airport to this course. It is designed in a parkland style, and stands tall as one of the oldest courses in the entire region.

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