Golfing Techniques For Players Willing To Perfect Bunker Play

Not all shots are of equal difficulty level in golf. Some are easy to master and excel while others demand years of practice to reach perfection. The bunker play is one shot that most amateurs struggle to master. Some low-handicappers too have a tough time perfecting the bunker play.

Amateurs don’t have to spend years on getting the bunker play right. By following the tips and techniques given here in no time you can become a master of this golf shot.

Positivity is the key

When you see even the low-handicappers struggle with bunker play, it’s only natural to become anxious about the shot or even fear it. Even before you begin to learn the fundamentals of the bunker play focus on the mental aspect of the game. A positive approach will solve half of your problem. Tigers outside the bunkers, often behave like mice inside it. Change your attitude and play the bunker shot like any other golf stroke.

Place the ball slightly forward in your stance

To hit a perfect bunker shot the club shouldn’t touch the ball. Don’t be alarmed, it’s true. When hitting the ball off the bunker, the club should slide under the ball. The club face pushes the sand and that, in turn forces the ball out of the bunker. For this to happen position the ball forward in the stance. The ball should be placed neither in the middle nor too forward in your stance.

Keep the club face open

Obviously, there are few minor differences between a bunker shot and other golf strokes. One of them is the club face position. While attempting a bunker stroke the club face must be open. What does it achieve? With an open club face, you can easily slide the club under the ball and not worry about digging too much.

Moreover, an open club face will push the ball higher and steeper. To get this technique right you’ve to first slightly open the club face, enough to smoothly slide under the ball, and only after that, you should grip the club.

Don’t dig too deep

A mistake that most golfers commit during a bunker shot is that they dig deep and take out too much sand. Displacing just the right amount of sand will give the ball adequate loft and height, whereas you will sacrifice spin and height by taking out too much sand.

Spend time on the practice bunker and have a good pre-shot routine

To become a bunker play machine you need to actually become one. That means stop thinking and let the muscle memory take over. To automate the bunker shot you need to spend a lot of time on the practice bunker and take a few practice swings as part of your pre-shot routine.

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