The Fail-Safe Way to Improve your Pitching Accuracy

Controlling speed is the key

A pitch shot in golf refers to the shot that is played with a club which has high loft. It is designed to cover less distance with a sharp ascent and a sharp descent. They are mostly shot into the green from 45-50 yards. It is usually played when the golfer faces an obstacle and the he has to fly the ball over it. Some examples of obstacles include bunkers, water hazard or tall grass.

How to control the accuracy of pitch shots?

It is not very difficult to manage the accuracy of pitching shots. The best way is to control the speed of swing. You can try calculating the speed mentally. For example, if you face a 50-yard shot, you should try to hit the ball with 50 miles per hour. Similarly, for a 40-yard shot, you can hit it at 40 miles per hour. Obviously, you cannot be very accurate in controlling the speed, but if you practice well, you can roughly manage the speed according to distance.

The clock method

Imagine that you are facing a large clock. You have to swing the left arm at 7’o clock. Now bend the wrists a little to give a downward blow to the shot. After you prepare yourself to hit the pitch shot at 7’o clock posture, hit it smoothly. Practice hitting at this controlled distance for a while and then you can start practicing at 8’o clock posture.

The preparation for 8’o clock posture is same as it is for 7’o clock. You just have to place your arm at 8’o clock. Practice delivering the pitch shot at this position. Note down the distance your ball covers. Basically, you have to control the distance of the ball with different positions of your arms. Do not forget to bend your wrists. You can also practice accurately hitting the pitch shots at 9’o clock posture. At this position, your arms will become parallel to the ground. The bend of the wrists will help to hit the ball accurately. When you hit the ball at different positions of your arms, you will notice that you are comfortable with one of the three positions listed in this method. Finish the follow through at the middle of the chest.

In order to master pitching accurately, you have to drill yourself for controlling the distance as well as speed. Different positions of arms and bending of wrists will enable you to do the same.

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