5 Things About Pitching Ball Position That You Should Remember 

Position is at times the difference between a good shot and a terrible one. When it comes to the pitching shot, this is as true as you can ever imagine. You need to make sure that you know for sure how to set the ball in the appropriate position before you go for the pitch shot. Once you are able to do that, perhaps all your worries about pitching will be taken care of already, and all you will have to worry about is perhaps some of the other shots.

When you go to a golf academy, you will notice that there are lessons that are given to students about things like the pitching position and so forth. You might not find it important to attend some of these lessons, but by the time you get to the course and start making mistakes on your pitch shots, that is when you will truly come to appreciate the need for these classes.

However, not everyone needs to or has to necessarily attend class to learn some of these things. In fact, we will share a few important tips about pitching ball position here that will help you a great deal:

  • Addressing the ball
  • Consider the width of your stance
  • Position with respect to your body
  • Consider the club you are using
  • Practice often

Addressing the ball

One of the most important things that you have to take note of when you are looking to set the ball position properly is how you address the ball. This will determine a lot, especially the accuracy when you strike it.

Consider the width of your stance

The width of your stance is one of the other things that you must look into. Ideally a good position will depend on how wide your stance is. To be on the safe side, make sure that the club lies in the middle of your body.

Position with respect to your body

As we have already mentioned, the club is supposed to lie in the middle of your body while you are addressing the ball for this shot. If you do anything other than that, you will not nail it properly.

Consider the club you are using

Most of the time players will end up choosing the wrong club for the right job. Be very careful because some clubs are highly lofted than the others, and this could affect the results you are looking for.

Practice often

A lot of practice will get you a long way. You cannot learn all these points in one day, so perhaps spending more time off your busy schedule will come in handy.

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