General Tips For Improving Your Golf Skills

It is many a times overwhelming to acquire golf lessons from a professional instructor because of different reasons. The main reason is the prohibitive cost of a regular coach. So what all you must know to play like a pro with the lowest score possible? The following list provides you with some tips provided by PGA (Professional Golfers Association) professionals that will help you become a better golf player:

  • Figure out your weakness
  • You can keep a track of your game statistics like fairways hits, total putts etc. You can also use some mobile applications to track your game on a regular basis. The more information you have about your game, the more aware you become about your weaknesses. You will learn about which areas require improvement.

  • Make a pre-shot procedure
  • Poor alignment of your body is one of the main reasons for scoring bad shots. It makes it difficult to swing the club appropriately. If you make out a pre-shot procedure, you will achieve the right ball position and the right body alignment.

  • Clubface Control
  • You must have a proper clubface control to rise above the average golf players. You do not have to open the clubface excessively on backswing. Also, do not keep it open for too long. You must rotate the clubface at about 90 degrees from the golf ball. . Most of the rotation comes from your arms and hands, and a little comes from your body.

    If you want to create speed in the swings, you have to rotate your torso along with your arms and wrists.

  • Know your Goals
  • You should have a golf plan even if you are not able to execute it properly. Moreover, , the plan should be realistic because. an unrealistic target might disturb your focus. . For example, you can focus on chip shots in the first month and on putting in the second month.

  • Be Creative and Practice Regularly
  • You can try new techniques and shots for experimenting in your game. You might discover new shots that you find comfortable. In addition, you should regularly practice golf if you want to master it.

  • Concentrate during the Play
  • You should develop concentration skills while playing. You can focus on one shot at a time with a simple strategy. You can give a second priority to speed in the initial stages and focus on improving the quality first.

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