The Ultimate Guide To Golf Strategies & Techniques

Acquire the perfect skills of golf

  1. Right posture at address: You have to look into few things before you hit the golf ball. Check the width of your stance because your stance determines the flight of the ball. Secondly, you must keep the clubface slightly away from your body; the distance will depend upon the type of shot you are aiming at the target line. Your knees should be slightly bent to form the right posture to hit a good golf shot.
  2. Ball Position: As and when the game progresses, you need to make changes to the ball position to deliver a good golf swing. Several factors determine the distance covered by the golf ball after it is hit. If you keep the ball too ahead, then the club head will not make a great impact; hence, the ball will travel a short distance. In order to travel long greens, you need to get a high loft at the swing. If you are using an iron club, the ball should be placed centre to the position of your front foot. Otherwise, if you are using a driver, you must keep the ball close to your front foot.
  3. Full body rotation: Free rotation of the arms generates strength and a powerful swing. Rigid torso leads to an improper golf swing. Ideally, you must align the left shoulder parallel to the right foot when you are taking the backswing. Similarly, you must place more weight on the left foot and align your right shoulder with it, during the downswing.
  4. Position of the head: Golfers usually make the mistake of following the ball through its entire flight until the fairway. However, you must keep a watch on the hazards and challenges downwards. Moreover, it disturbs your posture in turn leading to a bad swing.
  5. Practice your swing: The chip shot, putt shot and golf drive require rigorous practice in order to achieve perfection in golf. you must remember that during the backswing, your club should not be placed above parallel of the greens. Maintain a firm grip on the club driver to get a good swing and control on the shot. Secondly, your hands must be placed parallel to the target aim.
  6. Chalk out a daily practice routine: Regular practice is the only key to success in golf. You can try hitting the ball using different shafts or drivers. Try to maintain a perfect body posture aligned with the ball position. Practice your golf skills on various courses to understand the different hazards.

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