Dummies' Guide To Planning Winter Golf Holidays

As a golfer, I very well know that the image that flashes in your mind when you hear the word Algarve would be golf. That’s right; this is true for many people. The game of golf is the main attraction of this region. It is home to some of the best golf courses in the world and it attracts millions of tourists – both golfers and non-golfers – every year. Here golf can be played throughout the year, so if you’re planning a winter golf holiday, here are some suggestions to help you have a memorable golf vacation.

  1. There are about 39 golf courses in the region of Algarve, from the coastline to the Ria Formosa nature reserve. For golfers visiting the Algarve in winter the best place to begin their golf holiday would be the Oceanico Victoria. This course hosts the prestigious Masters in the month of October. If you prefer to enjoy a quiet golf holiday away from the rush, then choose Pinhal Golf Course. This is an excellent course that is also very affordable for most golf tourists.

  2. You won’t have any problem finding an accommodation in Algarve. The options here are plenty. Those who prefer to stay in luxury invariably go for the resort option. A good alternative which is equally extravagant and luxurious are the 5-star hotels in the region. A perfect option for golfers would be the Tivoli Marina Vilamoura – a 5-star hotel that also makes available shuttle bus service for golfers to visit the most famous course in that region. Apart from these two options, golfers can also choose rental apartments, B&B’s, and holiday villas.

  3. We appreciate you listening to all our suggestions, but it’s very important that you research the accommodation options and golf courses and then take a decision. You may find hidden gems during your research, so don’t put off this crucial aspect of golf holiday planning.

  4. Some golfers prefer to take their golf clubs and gears as their luggage on the plane. That’s a wrong thing to do as clubs are expensive and there is no guarantee those transferring them would handle the clubs with care. Instead of taking the clubs with you, ship them to the resort or hotel that you’ve booked for the holiday.

  5. The weather is very pleasant in the Algarve during winter. Take full advantage of that and visit as many tourist hotspots as possible. Visiting the beach is a must, the restaurants near the coastline serve mouth watering fish based dishes, and shopping malls and clubs are a good place to visit after sundown.

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