4 Bunker Play Drills That Will Change Your Game

The bunker shot can be accomplished through practice. There are various drills to help improve abilities to get better results when attempting this play on the green. There are aspects of the shot you want to keep in mind when considering drills for practice. The play requires the golfer to get the ball out of the bunker and onto a surface the ball can be played from. From here, the golfer works to get the ball closer to the target. Think about the concept of the bunker play and elements you need to practice most when considering different drills. Here are 4 to get started with.

  1. Hit practice shots from the edge of the bunker. Practice how you should stand and think about your weight and foot position in the sand. In other words, keep weight focused to get ball out of sand. If you have a good position that helps keep weight in line you can focus on giving the right amount of power behind the ball.
  2. Work on getting the club to accelerate better when making the shot from the sand. Try practicing this motion by creating a half backswing when hitting a ball on the tee. Aim to hit the tee instead of the ball. When you make correct contact the ball falls straight down. Practice this a few times to learn tempo, swing motion and overall idea of where to hit the ball. As you get better you will have more insight on how to produce the same result when playing at a bunker. Focus on acceleration and getting your swing speed to be constant.
  3. Learn where your club actually interacts with sand when coming in to hit the ball. Place a piece of paper in the sand and put the ball on top. Assume setup position and swing through. This helps you to hit correctly through the sand and pop the ball out. This drill can be practiced often as many golfers have issues actually getting the ball out of the sand.
  4. Try using different grip and hand positions along with different clubs such as a pitching or sand wedge. Make adjustments as necessary to how the sand comes in contact with the club head. Make practice shots with different grips. Depending on the steepness of the bunker you may need to consider changing your grip for better results.

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