Five Simple Things Golfers Can Do To Increase Swing Speed

Have you realized that your shots are not going as far as you need them to? At times it all comes down to the speed of your swing, and once you can look into that and sort it out, there is so much that you will be able to achieve. The speed of your swing is an important part of the game, because you tend to worry so much when the shots are not going as far as you need them to. If this is the case therefore, you will need to learn a thing or two about how you can make sure the speed of your swing improves.

Over the years there are a lot of players who have come to learn how to make this happen, and you too can appreciate the same skills. If you pay attention to the work that you are supposed to do on the course, there is always a good chance that yours will be one of the best experiences on the course. Remember that it might take you some time to practice and get this right, but in the long run it will all be worth the time you devoted to it. Here are some useful hints to help you out:

  • Work out often
  • Create a lag
  • Use your upper and lower body
  • Use the levers on your body
  • Practice a lot

Work out often

If you really need to improve the speed of your swing, you must first of all put in some hours in workout sessions. This allows you to become stronger by enhancing your core muscles.

Create a lag

A lag will allow you to reduce the angle between your left forearm on the downswing, and the shaft, which turns your smooth swing into some serious power.

Use your upper and lower body

This is all about rotation. You must focus on making sure that your upper body rotates on your lower body accordingly to deliver the perfect power and torque for the swing.

Use the levers on your body

Your wrists are the most important levers for this swing. Learn to use them accordingly. Do not release them too early or too late and you will manage to play a good swing.

Practice a lot

It goes without saying that you will need to practice a lot and often to perfect these tips. With practice, you will also learn to perform other supporting stunts like a good stance.

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