Easy Ways To Find Discount Rates For A Golf Vacation In Santa Cruz

Sandy beaches and a warm, sunny climate is what come to your mind when you think about Santa Cruz in Portugal. But this city in Madeira is also known for its excellent golf courses that test your golf skills to the core. If you plan on heading to Santa Cruz for a golf break, you should do some research online and book vacation packages in advance, as you can get many discounted rates.


Here are some steps to help you find the best golf package deals in Santa Cruz:

  • Online research
  • Search for golf packages online and see what all costs are involved in the package. At times you may be charged a number of hidden fees in the package which may make your golf vacation an expensive affair. Try to book packages that outline all their costs in the beginning itself, without any hidden fees.

  • Compare deals
  • When you see a golf package in Santa Cruz that you like, you must not click on it immediately. Keep searching as you may find better deals with more research. Make a list of all the packages and compare them according to price range, location, and facilities.

  • Use an expert
  • If you are unable to find what you are looking for online or are not sure of the online packages, you can take the help of a golf package provider. Use their expertise to get good golf and travel packages in the season and location you require.

  • Book your package early
  • You should always book your vacation package during the offseason so that you can get cheaper rates and great discounts on both golf courses and hotels in Santa Cruz.


The following are some good golf packages on offer in Santa Cruz that you can check out:

  • Hotel Vila Galé Santa Cruz
  • This ocean-facing hotel has a golf course just ten minutes away and is close to the airport as well. Most of the rooms overlook the calm, serene waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The package also includes meals at two famous two restaurants, the 'Inevitável Pasta Lounge' and the 'Versátil'.

  • Vila Gale Santa Cruz
  • Here you can book golf packages according to your duration and it can even extend up to 7 nights' bed & breakfast. The hotel will offer you discounted fees at the Santo da Serra where you can play four rounds of golf.

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