Golf Breaks In Spain: What To Know About Finca Cortesin

The Finca Cortesin is one of the most popular hotels to stay in Spain. It offers great views of the golf course along with comfortable luxury accommodations. This option is known to be a little different than your typical hotel. It offers a contemporary modern look with cultural influence while being located in a prime area with great views of the countryside and Mediterranean. There are mountains and villages nearby offering great sightseeing opportunities. Here are other things to learn about regarding the Finca Cortesin for those considering this as an option for your next golf break.

  • The Finca Cortesin is admired for its traditional look and style that dates back to the 17th century. The hotel has a unique look visitors have admired for years. It is considered a high end hotel that is a little different than what you would normally expect. It offers a great spa area and a high qualify golf course with indoor and outdoor pools. You can also enjoy a great dining experience with quality dishes served onsite at the restaurant.
  • The Finca has 67 rooms with a unique feature of high ceilings. The design and character style of the hotel makes it standout from other hotel options. The rooms are a good size and spacious due to tall ceilings. The rooms feature traditional style d├ęcor with work completed by a renowned interior designer. There are also villas available.
  • The Finca Cortesin is in good location by the beach and airport. Just within one hour of the hotel there are various activities to enjoy and you can visit villages nearby. There are beautiful mountain views, views of the countryside and the Mediterranean.
  • Food and drink selections are kept simple. For breakfast, lunch and dinner, guests have a variety of choices that are light and simple. For example, at breakfast there are various juice, pastries and yogurt options if you want something light to enjoy while sitting outside on the terrace. There are ethnic restaurants in the area that use fresh raw ingredients to prepare meals. There are also options to consider when you want a refreshing cold drink or something with a kick.
  • Rates are affordable and include a wide range of services. The price of your stay may vary depending on services included. Many who have enjoyed their stay say the price was worth it depending on the suite you stay in.

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